3 things to make sure when criticizing a co-worker!


Due to the media, a day at the office is getting more and more stressful. One doesn’t need to excessively use search engines, to read articles about technology doing it’s very best to increase our availability to colleagues, enables us to manage our emails, appointments, as well as our to-do lists.

Executives like that trend, as there are no more excuses for their employees for not responding to calls or emails within a few minutes. Thinking about it for a second, one could easily come to the solution, that technology companies are something like a best friend to your boss. Hand in hand they change the original goal of smartphones from “enabling availability” to “enforcing availability”.

Besides all positive aspects, it especially causes stress and pressure. By now, many use their lunch break to answer overdue emails, instead of focusing on keeping the tomato sauce away from your white shirt. Meetingsare kept short, feedback is often communicated in an impersonal email, rather than in a real conversation.

73% of all MercuryPuzzle users answered that it is easy for them to criticize the work of their co-workers. Every economics book teaches you, that constructive feedback is absolutely essential for a good workingenvironment within a company. Though, I might go back and highlight the word constructive! What is making feedback constructive? Well, you might go back and check in your economics book. One thing that you will surely find is a personal conversation. Emails and text messages simply cannot convey a message as clearly and are making misunderstandings inevitable.


Here are three things you should bear in mind, when you criticize the work of a colleague:

Leaving him/her a choice:
„Hey, I noticed one or two things in your latest report that I’d love to go over with you. You mind if I show you what I’m thinking here?“

Use constructive comments:
After you have spilled out your critique, add a constructive comment like “…what if you try this instead?”

The sandwich method:
The idea of this method is to put one piece of bad news in between two good ones. If you haven’t tried this yet, you will be surprised what a difference it makes.

Let’s be honest: Of course, these methods will not always avoid serious or even loud conversations with your co-workers, but bearing them in mind will make a difference.

Have a good day at work!


About Andreas Altheimer

My Name is Andreas Altheimer (Head of Marketing @ MercuryPuzzle). On this Blog I post about experiences with different marketing techniques!MercuryPuzzle is a young tech-StartUp, that links talents with matching jobs & companies.
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