The top 4 most popular employers for young graduates!


Just recently, a survey about young graduates and their job preferences and preferred employers was released. More than 5000 young grads participated in the “Austria Student Survey”. Without surprise, the most important premise for young people when deciding for future employers turned out to be the work-life-balance.
The list below shows the outcome of the survey, sorted by the attractiveness of the companies.


redbull_logoFor business students RedBull is the clear number one employer. RedBull became well known for their local sponsoring events, which explains why especially marketing students are interested in working for this firm. Originally coming from austria, it is a global player within the industry.


raiffeisen_logoRaiffeisen Bank International  made it into the top-ten of the most attractive employers. This sets a clear signal against the negative trend of the banking sector, regarding it’s popularity as potential employer.

google_logoTechnicians chose Google  as the most interesting employer. The global player is known for their generous working conditions and a friendly atmosphere. “Fringe-benefits” such as free food or playrooms belong to the everyday life, just like any other business.


bmw_logoInterestingly, BMW turns out to be an attractive employer for technicians (4th place) and business graduates (3rd place) at the same time. With more than 300 talent pool members, BMW is the most famous company on, which confirms the outcome of the survey!

Are you interested in working for any of the mentioned companies or you simply haven’t joined a talent pool yet? Then klick here to browse for companies that suit your personal talents, or klick on the company links above to join there talent pools!


About Andreas Altheimer

My Name is Andreas Altheimer (Head of Marketing @ MercuryPuzzle). On this Blog I post about experiences with different marketing techniques!MercuryPuzzle is a young tech-StartUp, that links talents with matching jobs & companies.
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