3 REAL tips against stress at work

Being in an important position demands a lot of devotion, endurance and energy.

In a world full of burnouts and people breaking down, because they can not handle the workloud anymore, one comes across louds of articles mentioning tips, how to avoid and handle stress at work.
Interestingly more than 80% focus on explaining it is important to take a lot of breaks, learn to say no to extra work etc. etc.
But honestly…did any of these articles have a direct impact on your stress level? Yes, Really? …Well I don’t believe you 😉


But what if you are having a day where it just all comes together and there simply is no way to escape a 14h work day? In this short blog entry i provide you with 3 short and simple tips to make stress bearable! – At least in the short term!

1.) Energy Drinks
They help – But make sure you don’t make any spelling mistakes!



2.) Pills

My grandma taught me: Wanna chill? Take  a pill!


3.) Coffee

An old classic when it comes to staying awake: BUT WATCH OUT FOR SECONDARY EFFECTS!

As you are probably young, still have hair on your head and got a working brain inside of it, you might get to the point where you notice, that those 3 approaches mentioned above might not be a solution in the long term!

If you don’t get around such „pick-me-ups“ you should consider quitting your job and find one, that suits your talent and doesn’t stress you as much!

Consider using www.mercurypuzzle.com as a free service, that helps you with exactly that!


A guy that went through it all!


About Andreas Altheimer

My Name is Andreas Altheimer (Head of Marketing @ MercuryPuzzle). On this Blog I post about experiences with different marketing techniques!MercuryPuzzle is a young tech-StartUp, that links talents with matching jobs & companies.
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